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Storm Damage

Bondoc Roofing is your storm repair specialist

The San Antonio area gets its share of severe weather, including strong winds, tornadoes, and hail. These weather events can leave your roof with damage which ranges from mild to serious. Whether you have a loose shingle or several missing ones, you should have the roofing professionals at Bondoc Roofing inspect your roof and make any needed repairs.

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Mild hail storms can leave marks on your roof, which can affect its appearance. Larger hail can cause damage which is more serious. This type of hail can dent your roof, which could weaken parts of it. This leaves your home more vulnerable to having rain seep in and cause water damage. Tornadoes and strong winds can tear roof tiles off. This type of weather can also put your roof at risk of heavy damage from branches and debris flying around.

While the damage storms cause might only seem minor, it’s important to have Bondoc Roofing inspect it for you as soon as possible. Our professional roofers can determine if the damage is more severe than it seems and have it fixed promptly. This helps prevent additional damage to your roof. Keep in mind that waiting to have your roof checked after a storm rather than having it done right away could result in more extensive damage. In severe cases, you might end up needing costly repairs or even needing to have your roof replaced if the damage is serious enough.

Bondoc Roofing is your trusted company for storm repairs

When your home has damage after a storm, you can count on Bondoc Roofing for quality affordable repairs. Our San Antonio roofing company has more than 20 years of combined experience providing reliable and timely repairs for customers in the area. Whether your roof has minor or major damage from hail, a tornado or other severe weather event, our roofers can repair it for you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us after a storm passes through the area.

If you need roof repairs for storm damage, please contact Bondoc Roofing at 210-896-3209 or fill out our online request form.