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Your Commercial Roofing Pitch Pans May Be Your Problem

Your Commercial Roofing Pitch Pans May Be Your Problem

Many of the commercial structures in the San Antonio area have old roofs on the old buildings. If you own one of these properties and consistently have leaks to deal with, the problem could be due to your pitch pans.

Your property's commercial roof structure can easily be leaking around the area of the pitch pans, yet it isn't always easy to pinpoint the areas causing leaks. A professional roofing inspection by San Antonio roofing companies like ours here at Bondoc Roofing will always be able to tell what's causing your leaks, but in general they are hard to spot unless you know what you're looking for.

Owning or managing San Antonio area commercial properties isn't easy because there's so many details involved, especially on frustrating days where any repairs you have contracted for aren't getting handled properly. You need experienced contractors to handle your roof repairs and other problems or you'll likely wind up getting that cheaper contractor to make the same repair over and over again until you figure out they don't really know how to get it done right once and for all.

Instead, trust a roofer who has the experience to make your commercial roof repairs right the first time and you'll not have to keep worrying or dealing with the same issues like the common leaks caused by pitch pans.

What Pitch Pans Are For On Commercial Roofing

The pitch pans are installed on many older style roofs where it's difficult to install flash and seal it. They are simple boxes or pans made of sheet metal that are filled with a sealant called pitch. Today, the sealer is known as pourable sealer which is a much more eco-friendly material.

Pitch pans are placed on your commercial roofing structure to encase supporting connections as well as irregular roof penetrations. They are a very important part of your roofing system even though they are simple to replace. Without them, areas of your roof that are vulnerable will become damaged due to water leaking.

As a building owner, you don't want to overlook your pitch pans or your flashing where it may be installed. Areas of your roof structure that are the most vulnerable are the areas where anything is poking through the roof. Wiring, fireplaces, plumbing vents, angle iron, bunches of pipes, or conduits can all be areas where you have sealant or flashing materials that can come loose, get improperly installed or repaired, or get damages from storms.

Why You Need Your Roofing Pitch Pans Taken Care Of

Just with time, your pitch pans can have sealant that's dried out by the sun and other elements. Old roofing tar will often start cracking with age, causing any previously patched areas to become leaky again. If you keep an eye on your roofing pitch pans and have them repaired whenever necessary, you're keeping a major portion of your roof repaired.

Ensuring that your commercial roof stays in good condition is important to you. The better shape it's in, the less damages get done and the fewer repairs have to be made. Roofs in great shape will last through the years as they should and won't have to be repaired early, so if you have roof problems, call for repairs right away!

If you need the service of a reliable commercial roofing company, please give us a call today at 210-896-3209 or complete our online request form.