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If you live in Corpus Christi or own a commercial building here, you know all about weather changes. The sun, heat, humidity, and temperature changes all work at your roof structure to wear it down.

Then there are the coastal storms that everyone has to deal with from time to time. As a roof ages, it becomes more vulnerable to the weather.

All this means that you need a reliable Corpus Christi roofing contractor to help you keep the structure maintained. You can count on Bondoc Roofing for honesty, integrity, and quality services. Our experienced residential and commercial roofing contractors are ready to help you when you need it. Our roofing contractors want to be your Corpus Christi roofers.

Professional Roof Repairs

Our roofers are experienced and qualified for all applications of roof repairs and replacements whether your home is older or newer, large or small, or of any architectural design. If you need a few shingles or you need the whole roof torn down and replaced, our expert roofing professionals are ready to assist you.

Commercial Flat Roofing Services

Part of commercial roofing maintenance should include a professional roof inspection every six months or so. Inspecting the flat roof for leaks after every major storm is also highly important to avoid water damage problems.

There are other necessary maintenance tasks for commercial roofing, whether it’s a pitched roof or flat. The drainage system on a flat roof needs to be kept clear of debris or there could be water pooling on the roof. If this happens on a flat roof, the additional weight could cause significant problems for your business. Blisters are a common problem and so are creases. Gravel needs to be added and roof coatings should be reapplied.

When you need commercial roof maintenance, call Bondoc Roofing. We know how to take care of it for you. Let us help you avoid extensive damage by keeping the roof in great shape.

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