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With over 2 decades of professional roofing experience, Bondoc Roofing is the best choice for homeowners in Mario and the surrounding Texas area. When it comes to dependable and skilled service from professionals, our Bulverde Roofing Contractor is dedicated to providing you with high quality craftsmanship and efficient, affordable work. We specialize in residential roofing systems and flashing components, and supply all of our clients with only the best products in the industry from reputable manufacturers that you know and trust. Our clients consistently have the highest level of satisfaction anywhere in the roofing business. Call our Roofing Contractor and experience the Bondoc Roofing Difference today!

Bulverde Roofing Experts

With Bondoc Roofing, you get comprehensive roofing service that covers all phases of the job from design, to deliver, to implementation – one company does it all. Having your roof installations, maintenance, inspections, and repairs performed by anything but a licensed and insured contractor can lead to disaster and end up costing you significantly in the long run. A skilled roofer will be able to easily identify any problems with your roof, and help you make the right choices for any and all of your roofing solution needs. Our entire team of contractors and builders are Texas licensed and certified in all areas of roofing including repairs, installation, and ongoing maintenance.

Roof Repairs in Bulverde

When storms hit and you experience damage on your roof, then it’s important to respond right away. Roof damage is a pressing issue that can lead to costly repairs, destroy the value of your home, and compromise the safety and security of your family. Missing shingles, minor leaks, and damage from major storms are all problems that worsen over time and lead to complications that can be avoided through proper roof maintenance and repair. Getting the service of an experienced Bulverde Roof Repairs professional is an important part of keeping your home safe and preserving its value. Contact Bondoc Roofing and get your roof inspected. We will assess the damage and get to work to completely restore your roof.

Bulverde Leak Detection

There are any number of causes for a water or air leak in your roof – board separation, warped or bent areas, missing shingles or even wind or storm damage. In some cases your roof is just getting old and needs a full replacement. At times it’s hard to detect those leaks until the water has caused considerable damage in your attic or other areas of your home. If you haven’t scheduled a roof inspection in a long time, then don’t wait any longer. Call a Bondoc Roofing expert to come and inspect all the areas of roof. We provide reliable inspection and can easily detect areas where your roof needs maintenance. Our inspections are accurate and we provide practical solutions for your home.

Metal Roofing Bulverde

Bondoc Roofing provides superior quality metal roofing at an affordable rate with expert craftsmanship in a timely manner. Metal roofs have lots of benefits and features that are unique among different types of roofing. They are very durable, require little maintenance, easy to install on your home, and come in a wide variety of styles and colors to match your current house design. With modern roofing, you get the benefit of a durable structure that looks like a natural roof on your home. When storms strike, metal roofing provides the ultimate protection and is a great investment that adds value to any home. Check out all the features of Bulverde Metal Roofing from Bondoc Roofing today. We are Marion’s roofing specialists!

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James, the rep, was very friendly and courteous and answered all our questions. He was very prompt in giving the estimate. Bondoc was very patient with us. During an extremely rainy period, they postponed the delivery and job at our request. When we were ready, they continued with the installation. The crew was very friendly and hard working. They knew what they were doing and got it done. We would recommend them to anyone that is having a roof done.


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