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It makes sense to want to protect your Aransas Pass home or business with a strong, sound roofing system. Since the rooftop protects the entire structure of the house from strong winds and hurricanes, you don’t want to take chances by letting the roof get weak. This is what our Aransas Pass roofing experts are here for. Our team at Bondoc Roofing helps you keep your roof in the best shape possible.

Roof repairs, leak detection, roof replacements, ventilation, and insulation are services that keep the roof strong. Our 20 years of experience in these essential residential and commercial roofing services are available to you. Call us anytime to request an estimate. We look forward to helping you with the most important structure which protects your property – your roofing. Our roofing contractors want to be your Aransas Pass roofers.

Roof Repairs For All Types Of Problems

When your roof needs repair, whether it just one missing shingle or the whole thing, you could be experiencing a lot of frustration with leaking. On top of leaks, you could be exposed to mold or mildew and even algae and other problems if the conditions are right.

Your roof structure expands and contracts constantly every day and night. When the warm day sun heats up the temperature, your roofing materials expand, then at nightfall, the temperatures cool off and the materials contract.

This constant back and forth will cause shingles to crack. Your roof actually gets put under a lot of stress. You know how hot the attic gets, so it’s easy to understand the truth of this.

Let us keep up with your roof repairs and maintenance. We know how frustrating it can be and how stressful, especially if the damage was done by a storm or your roof is in pretty bad shape. No matter the problem, we can solve it.

Commercial Roofing Services

If your commercial building has a flat roof, you’ll need an Aransas Pass roofing contractor who has experience with this roof type. Since flat roofs are completely different than a standard pitched roof, the roofing contractor you choose should know how to repair and replace the materials or there will be problems with leaks. For all your commercial roofing services, from inspections to full replacement, you can count on Bondoc Roofing.

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